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Scientific Library of Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University was founded in March 1940 on the basis of the library of Kremenets Teachers Institute. There are 6 departments in the structure of modern SL of TNPU: book acquisition and scientific processing of literature, bibliography, scientific information support and automation, service department (subscription), service department (reading rooms), scientific and methodological and 11 places of literature issue on departments (faculties). The library fund is universal, total number is approximately 624,957 documents in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French, Polish and other foreign languages, including 198 titles of magazines, 82 titles of newspapers, 309,152 copy textbooks, 225,934 copies of scientific literature, 68888 copies of fiction, 29,136 copies of foreign literature.

  The fund of rare books which includes 15457 documents (25.12.2015) is of particular value.

   Library service is provided on two Subscriptions (of fiction, of educational and scientific literature), in 7 reading halls for 306 working positions (of public and political literature, of natural and applied sciences, psychological and pedagogical literature, of rare and valuable literature, of philological sciences, of electronic resources, dissertation hall).

   The search apparatus of the library consists of inquiry fund, system of catalogues and files. Since 2001 an automated library system "UFD-Library" has been functioning. It was organized work of the electronic catalog of new literature acquisitions, theses and authors’ abstracts of dissertations, periodicals and more. The main activity of scientific library is providing educational process with scientific and methodical literature and scientific research work of teachers and students, organization and realization of conferences, thematic exhibitions, books presentations, literary evenings, debates, oral magazines and more.



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