"Virtual bibliographic reference" is a library service, the bibliographer of which will help you find information about books, articles, Internet resources, as well as find a list of literature on a particular topic. You will be able to get information about the necessary literature for writing an abstract or term paper, answers to thematic inquiries, etc.


    The number of sources on your request is limited to no more than 10 titles, including links to Internet resources. You can find the extended list of literature independently in the electronic catalog of the scientific library of the university or by contacting the staff of the bibliography department (1 building, room № 40)


   Before writing a question, read the "Rules" carefully and ask if there is a ready answer in the "Fulfilled reference".

   The reference is executed from 3-5 working days from the time of receipt of the request (up to 5 reference per day are accepted). Each query should contain only one question - all others are ignored. For fast and high-quality help, please clearly state your requests. Please do not send the same request more than once, as this will block it (spam). You can also find the information you are interested in in our electronic catalog



  - about the presence of the book on the shelves;

 -  related to the provision of information of an entertaining nature (solving crossword puzzles, participation in intellectual games, quizzes and other competitions);

  - associated with the provision of ready-made texts of abstracts, term papers, dissertations, research papers, etc. and searching for them on the Internet;

  - queries that require in-depth scientific research and connection of additional sources of information that are not in the library;

  - related to solving mathematical, physical, chemical and other problems, translation of texts;


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